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Help Wanted


The RDA Carriage Driving group at West Overton are training a number of their helpers as able bodied whips.  Unfortunately none of them own their own driving ponies or carriages, so progress is slow.

If any BDS members were able to offer “rein time” to a near-by trainee it would be hugely appreciated.

The trainees live at Beckhampton, Horton, Hilcott, Mildenhall, Fyfield, Winterbourne Basset, Chippenham, Hilperton and Erlestoke.

If you are able to help, please contact Raine Green – 01380 812527 – who will put you in touch with a trainee.




We always need helpers at our various shows, whether as a Steward or just general helper.

Even though you will be helping you will still be able to see the driving so please come and help.

All the dates are on the events page